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Neue Räume. FIFTITU% zieht um!

Neue Räume. FIFTITU% zieht um!

On January 28, 2008, FIFTITU% - the networking center for women in art and culture - hosted a small celebration,

to present the association's new premises at Harrachstraße 28. Radio KUPF took the opportunity to capture the mood of the evening with interviews on current women's (cultural) political topics and projects.

  • Katja Haller (Managing Director FIFTITU%) talks about new fields of work and focal points on the occasion of the association's 10th anniversary.
  • Claudia Seigmann, board member and project manager of "Love me Gender" talks about this play, which started in Linz in 2007 and will go on tour in Upper Austria in February.
  • Ursula Kolar, also a board member of FIFTITU%, presents the project "Die Quote - eine Provokation", for which she was the project manager. The project consists of a website and the video "A manifesto for the quota".
  • Andrea Mayer-Edoloeyi was a founding member of FIFTITU% and recently stepped down from her position on the board. She talks to Radio KUPF about milestones in the history of the networking center and what she wishes FIFTITU% in the next 10 years.

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