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Video works by international female artists from 1973 to 2002

An exhibition on the occasion of the Johannes Kepler Graduates' Day

University of Linz, May/June 2003

Exhibition view

On the occasion of this year's Graduates' Day of the Johannes Kepler University Linz, the exhibition "framing" took place in the exhibition room of the Johannes Kepler University from May 22 to June 6, 2003.

A joint event of FIFTITU% - Networking Center for Women in Art & Culture in Upper Austria, the Office for the Advancement of Women at the University of Linz and the Institute for Women's and Gender Studies Linz.

"framing" - video works by international female artists from 1973 to 2002

"framing" shows the artists' natural and self-confident approach to video, which in different ways becomes an open space for action.
Personal statements, fictional narratives, altered realities, progressive and traditional notions of the personal and of identity coexist and complicate our ideas of them. The content of what is considered personal does not present itself as fixed, but as determined by social factors. Gender is not simply presented as a natural datum, but is itself socially produced; constantly reconstructed in everyday actions and understood as newly fixed. No matter what ideas we develop about reality, they are not immutable truths, but auxiliary constructions that can, however, solidify into stereotypes. By producing other images, artists point to doubts and limitations and utilize the potential for change that images carry within them.

The artists and their works

"selfdefence earflaps" 1999

  • Manuela Barth - "Invest in incorporeality", 2002
  • Martina Berger/Barabara Pitschmann /Judith Maule - "Timetable of a bachelorette", 2002
  • Martina Berger - "Intimate Public", 2002
  • Valie Export - "Hyperbulia", 1973
  • Karin Fisslthaler - "Vivian and Edward", 2002
  • Marina Grzinic/Aina Smid - "labyrinth", 1993 "red shoes", 1994
  • Marion Habringer - "Heulk(r)ämpfe", 2002
  • Bernadette Huber - "SEX&ARTicles", 1999
  • Ursula Kolar - "gender construction - ONE and its OTHER", 2002
  • Elke Krystufek - "Elke Krystufek reads Otto Weininger", 1993
  • Patricia Josefine Marchart "On the face of it" - video film against violence against women
  • Doris Mayer/Silke Maier - "", 2001
  • Gerlinde Miesenböck - "dis/placed", 2001
  • Heike Nösslböck - "mon( )amie" 2002
  • Fiona Rukschcio - "common.places"; 1999; "scholastic strato/sphere"", 1999;

Vernissage: May 22, 03, 18h,
Exhibition space of the Johannes Kepler University/Linz, Altenbergerstraße 69, 4040 LINZ
Exhibition duration: May 23 - June 6, 03, MO+DI:17-19h, MI-FR:10-13h

After the vernissage:
Cabaret: Hilde Fehr - Reduced May 22, 03, 20.00h

The graduate day of the Johannes Kepler University will take place on May 23, 03 from 9 am - 5 pm
Topic: "Assaults - sexism in everyday life".


  • 9:30 am: Dr. Ulrike Körbitz "Sexism-the expulsion of eroticism"
  • 10:15h: Dr. Christine Baur "Sexual harassment in the workplace - stories about the Equal Treatment Act"
  • 11:30: Dr. Barbara U. Schmidt "Career in a suit: Gender concepts in the visual worlds of the computer and IT industry"

Theme tables from 14:30 - 16:00h

  • "Sexisms in the language" - Karin Wetschanow
  • "Sex and the City: (images of) women in public space" - Daniela Jauk
  • "Sexism in the world of work: Women* and men* (n) know what women want" - Dr. Eveline Lamplmayr and Edith Rabl
  • "Sexism in the arts and cultural sector" - Mag.arch.Gabriele Heidecker and Andrea Mayer-Edoloeyi