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Erzähl uns Linz - FIFTITU% nimmt mit Helga teil

Erzähl uns Linz - FIFTITU% nimmt mit Helga teil

Tell us Linz! searches for and collects city stories. FIFTITU% is taking part with Helga, a golden-haired woman from the Wachau region, who ended up at FIFTITU% in a roundabout way and has been dreaming of post-patriarchy ever since.

On view at Nordico Linz up to and including August 26, 2012.

There comes a ship from the Wachau, with Helga on board. She gets off in Linz, looks around and doesn't want to go back.

Some time ago, Helga turned up on our doorstep. She comes from the Wachau region and was interested in the golden hoods of Linz. On her research tour, she got lost in the city and ended up at our place. She immediately showed great interest in our work, what FIFTITU% does, what projects we have, and she found the archive particularly exciting. Helga was particularly interested in what we are organizing this year, she especially liked the feminist request concert that took place at the Linzfest at Whitsun. But Helga also found and still finds our annual project "With feminist greetings" attractive: a boat trip with a black market of feminist knowledge. She will be taking part in this trip to find out about the range of different feminisms, and she has decided to be a post-feminist in the post-patriarchy.

Text: Martin Ross

Picture: Helga