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Premiere von "Feminismus für Dummies"

Premiere von "Feminismus für Dummies"

Premiere at FEMINISM AND KRAWALL on March 8, 8 pm

Filmmaker Edith Stauber has once again created a humorous, ironic but also provocative video - this time on the subject of feminism.
In the style of a one-armed bandit, images rattle across the screen and provide information about the social situation of women* and men*. Let the game begin.


The video is intended to raise awareness of feminism, its demands and goals. The fact that in some places feminism is tabooed or portrayed as something long outdated makes the issue all the more urgent and is intended to show that post-feminism is still a long way off.
A work commissioned by FIFTITU%, created as part of the annual project "With feminist greetings".