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Ursula M. Lücke

Skulptur „SCIVIAS: Wisse die Wege“, Dr. Ursula M. Lücke, 2020

SCIVIAS: Wisse die Wege
Enamel, painter's enamel, fine silver, ebony, unique
Dr. Ursula M. Lücke, 2020

The artist and visual scientist Dr. Ursula M. Lücke shows that depictions of vulvas or pussies have a long and diverse tradition as cultural symbols
. The enamel artwork SCIVIAS takes up the image of a vision by Hildegard von Bingen and transforms cultural-historical knowledge about sheela-na-gigs, vesica piscis and representations of the cosmos into contemporary queer contexts. Lücke has mastered the rare art of firing colored glass onto metal. Materially and conceptually, the artwork ties in with the tradition of representing rulers and/or their symbols in enamel on precious metal (crowns, crosses, icons, etc.). With the representation of a cosmic vulva, the SCIVIAS demands the highest standards and representations of the cunt.

A cultural-historical analysis of the artwork SCIVIAS: Wisse die Wege: die Vulva zwischen Vergöttlichung und Vergessen by Dr. Ursula M. Lücke can be found in the PDF attached below.

"Männer haben auch Angst"
Ebony, unique
Dr. Ursula M. Lücke, 2020

The text was stamped in capital letters without spaces as justified text. The result is a carpet of letters that does not appear legible at first glance. Only a closer look reveals the textual meaning - a play between text and image.

"5 Minimösen"
Enamel, fine silver, unique pieces
Dr. Ursula M. Lücke, 2020

The Minimos are delightful wearable enamel objects in different color variations. Opaque and transparent colors, differently thickly applied and fused color beads leave plenty of scope for further variations.


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Skulptur „SCIVIAS: Wisse die Wege“, Dr. Ursula M. Lücke, 2020