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Adriana Torres Topaga

„Queer_quiera / Recalling Adrian Piper, MISSEX und all meine Fotzenfreundinnen*“
Adriana Torres Topaga, 2020

The sculpture by Linz-based artist Adriana Torres Topaga is not only a graphic-visual composition, but also represents the poetic function of language. The different levels of interpretation show a visual poem, influenced by the black philosopher and conceptual artist Adrian Piper. The analytical philosopher "has had a lasting impact on the view of the African-American art scene and held up a mirror to the white-male view of culture in general."

Adriana Torres Topaga dedicates her sculpture "Queer_quiera / Recalling Adrian Piper, MISSEX and all my cunt friends*" 
their allies and non-allies,
the excluded, the forgotten, those who are currently in precarious situations,
the people who work for a world without borders and a dignified life for all,
their artists*colleagues who create new utopias,
and to the "Observer" which is also involved. 
Queer_quiera, a play on words between Queer + quiera, which the artist relates 

Dear observer!

please don’t call me after your
or any national,
please don’t
make special efforts
to situate me in your mapping
of the world, by not only
naming or indicating the
niche in which you
feel I belong or
should look like but
by seeking my
physical confirmation of it.


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