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Unsichtbares Theater

Unsichtbares Theater

Resistance on the beaches of Upper Austria

July 2000 in Freistadt, Steyr, Wels, Linz and Traun

Press release

Performance artists give a warning

"Invisible theater" against racism and sexism at the beach

The committed activists of the Upper Austrian association FIFTITU% - for the promotion of women's art and culture - are not letting this year's heat of the century paralyze them and have reacted immediately

In order to help as many people as possible out of a possible heat lethargy, they go directly to them with a particularly burning concern - and thus turn the swimming pools and the Upper Austrian bathing lakes into a theater stage!

Together with the MAIZ association from Linz, FIFTITU% wants to draw attention to the fact that, especially in the current political climate in Austria, it is necessary to draw attention to the situation of so-called "marginalized groups", for whom the wind is already blowing a little harder. With this unusual project, they are tackling a particularly hot potato: the situation of female foreigners who are in demand as clean, frugal and submissive wives or as exotic lovers for the sex trade and are simultaneously stigmatized as amoral and excluded from social participation.

Four performance artists from different countries play "invisible theater" and invite you to dive into the abysses of everyday racism and sexism. The background of a seemingly self-evident behaviour is brought to the surface and in order to sensitize the audience to this topic, the artists use a very special theater technique of the Theatre of the Oppressed, which was developed by the Brazilian Augusto Boal. The "invisible theater" is about staging an everyday scene in a place where it could really take place. It is realized in such a way that the audience can participate directly in the event and react spontaneously to the discussion in the performance as if it were a real event.

And so that it doesn't just remain a "performance", the audience is given thought-provoking notes.

The following Upper Austrian cultural associations are supporting the project: Waschecht Wels, Kulturzentrum AKKU-Steyr, LocalBühne Freistadt, MAIZ - Linz, Kanal - Linz.

Invisible theater on the subject of racism and sexism will be performed from July 14 to 29.

If, contrary to expectations, it rains exactly at this time, the project will be moved to other "venues"

An exciting two weeks for the people of Upper Austria! Every day you ask yourself the question: Is this theater - or is it real?

And please keep a close eye on it in the future!

FIFTITU% comments on current feminist issues and cultural policy topics and encourages discourse in the local art and culture scene.

The Autonomous Integration Center for Migrant Women MAIZ deals with various aspects and problems of women's migration, in particular trafficking in women and sex tourism.