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FIFTITU% gewinnt Landeskulturpreis 2002

FIFTITU% gewinnt Landeskulturpreis 2002

Awarding of the Grand National Culture Prize to FIFTITU%

Presentation on November 27, 2002

We are very pleased to inform you that the association FIFTITU% - Vernetzungsstelle für Frauen in Kunst und Kultur, after 4 years of continuous and intensive work to improve the situation of female cultural workers and artists in Upper Austria, has been awarded the "Grand State Prize for Initiative Cultural Work" by the State of Upper Austria

The official award ceremony took place on November 27, 2002.The recognition of our work through this award gives us renewed motivation and energy to continue on our chosen path despite some

in spite of some adversities. We expect not only lip service from the politicians responsible, but also fundamental political decisions in favor of our work.

For FIFTITU% Herta Gurtner

52 reasons for FIFTITU%

(formulated by Karin Rumpfhuber and Viktoria Schlögl, in: "beispiele 2002", documentation of the LKPreis of the province of Upper Austria, p.59.)

  1. because women make up 52% of the world's population
  2. because they have been around since 1998
  3. because they provide a forum for women artists and cultural workers
  4. because they are an important networking center
  5. because they make the quality and scope of female cultural production visible
  6. because 2002 is the year of equal opportunities in Upper Austria
  7. because they are a service and information point
  8. because they never rest
  9. because they stand up for gender parity in art, culture and society
  10. because they demand women's culture
  11. because they organize workshops
  12. because there are still too many men in charge of the arts and culture scene in Upper Austria
  13. because the prize is recognition for achievements
  14. because the prize should be an incentive for the future
  15. because they are building up an archive
  16. because they are promoting scientific studies and projects
  17. because they are committed to women who create culture, regardless of nationality, denomination or sexual orientation
  18. because they organize symposia and conferences
  19. because they initiate artistic and cultural women's projects
  20. because they advise on funding matters
  21. because they recognize anti-women and anti-art tendencies at an early stage or counteract them
  22. because they promote interpersonal communication on a cultural level
  23. because they push through current feminist cultural policy issues
  24. because they bring a breath of fresh air to the Kapu
  25. because they call on women to demand more
  26. because they develop strategies to overcome the unequal treatment of women in art and culture
  27. because they have good ideas
  28. because they advocate for gender symmetry
  29. because they create better conditions for production, presentation and reception
  30. because their homepage speaks many languages
  31. because they have left numerous traces in the Upper Austrian art and cultural scene over the past four years
  32. because they don't mince their words
  33. because they demand the implementation of the women's referendum
  34. because they offer theory and discourse
  35. because they are women
  36. because they promote international women's networking
  37. because we are women
  38. because they run 2 important mailing lists
  39. because they address controversial issues of our time
  40. because they have drawn up a catalog of cultural policy demands
  41. because they set women's political accents in Upper Austria
  42. because they stand up for migrant women
  43. because they demand a balanced gender ratio in the Provincial Cultural Advisory Council
  44. because they are designed to be supra-regional
  45. because they will participate in the EU project "Art Works"
  46. because they demand equal representation on juries
  47. because they initiated the KUPF women's work
  48. because they are committed to increasing the proportion of women in management positions
  49. because they demand the double announcement and awarding of state prizes, scholarships, studio and talent grants
  50. because Upper Austria needs them
  51. because they demand a minimum wage for women
  52. because they simply deserve the prize
  53. !