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lustvoll böse

lustvoll böse

The ARGE "lustvoll böse" is an association of Upper Austrian cultural initiatives, (queer) feminists and (queer) feminist men

The aim of ARGE is to question and make visible patriarchal-white-heteronormative structures that are reflected in public space, to empower and reinterpret them performatively

Content considerations/objectives

making patriarchal-white-heteronormative structures visible, empowering and performatively reinterpreting them
be lustfully evil
network in the regions & form conspiratorial cells

be lustfully evil

Performative interventions and subtle interventions in the public vernacular are the focus of the "lustfully evil" project. The public space in which the actions take place is linked to certain associations and expectations. This framework of normalities can be upset, disappointed or far exceeded by an unexpected action. Every public event is also seen as a ritual of forms and conventions, which themselves make statements about the constitution and self-image of the society in which they take place. An intervention that refers to this can convey content that is perceived and understood as such, even without "plain text".

Project management:
Ursula Kolar
Birgit Pichler