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Die Dohnal Brücke

Die Dohnal Brücke

The new Danube bridge will open in Linz in 2021. A recent one-page article in the OÖNachrichten newspaper suggests naming the new bridge after the humanist Johannes Reuchlin.

In the city of Linz there are 1,152 street names and only 4% of them are named after women. The Greens and the KPÖ are currently demanding in the next municipal council: name our streets after women!

We at Fiftitu% join in and demand: "Our bridge is female!"
And should be named after the first Austrian Minister for Women's Affairs and bridge builder Johanna Dohnal!

"Power relations are neither without history nor gender-neutral."

The quote comes from Johanna Dohnal, who is now considered an icon of the Austrian women's movement.
With her life's work, the politician laid the foundations for feminist achievements in the fight for equal rights. Dohnal tried to build bridges between cultures and religions and did indispensable work to raise public awareness.

Politicians in Linz can now set an example and give this new bridge a name that stands for equal rights in Austria.

"The Dohnal Bridge"

Seriously, from a feminist perspective, even humanist Reuchlin would probably voluntarily reject choosing a man as the namesake once again.

With feminist greetings