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Helft mit beim neuen Frauen*volksbegehren

Helft mit beim neuen Frauen*volksbegehren

Love everyone!

As you've probably already heard, there's a new women's referendum! We need as many of us as possible to make this project big so that politics can't get around us women*. We therefore urgently need the following support:

1. sign up for the Women's* Referendum newsletter and forward it to as many people as possible who show solidarity! The newsletter keeps people up to date and we can also mobilize people as quickly as possible for actions. Under "Demands" you will find the demands of the new women's referendum:

2. We need money to make this project huuuuuuge. Therefore, please donate via the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and also promote the campaign via your channels:

3. Like our FB page Frauen*volksbegehren ( ) , follow us on Twitter ( ) and we are also on instagram ( )

4. If you want to participate or collaborate, you can register here:

And finally, our mobile video for the crowdfunding campaign, which you are welcome to share!