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Bericht - Fahrende Händlerinnen des Feministischen Wissens

Bericht - Fahrende Händlerinnen des Feministischen Wissens

On Saturday, September 15, 2012, FIFTITU% hosted a cruise on the Danube

A warm day in September: on the Urfahran side there is an event near the railroad bridge, at Steinmetzplatzl the late summer festival is getting into full swing. I have checked in on the "Helene" and we head upriver and later back down again. Every now and then, people wave, some of them very vigorously, and we wave back. Ah yes, there's a huge banner attached to the ship: "With feminist greetings" - it's nice to be recognized immediately in this "coded" way and yet be far enough away not to have to explain or defend something to others.

The experts were on board: Tania Araujo, Sonja Eismann, Marissa Lobo and Anna Liebmann.
On the topics: Feminism, art, music, media, politics, inclusion + exclusion, strategies and demands were discussed and knowledge was exchanged.

We as organizers are really very pleasantly surprised by the result. It was a productive event and we received plenty of positive feedback!

Gitti V.: "It was a very successful event for which I really have to congratulate you."
Anja W.: "The ship was on the move and we were on the move."