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Fahrende Händlerinnen des feministischen Wissens!

Fahrende Händlerinnen des feministischen Wissens!

FIFTITU% invites you to a Danube cruise on Saturday, September 15, 2012. On board are the experts: Tania Araujo, Sonja Eismann, Marissa Lobo and Anna Liebmann.
They will provide information on feminism, art, music, media, politics, inclusion + exclusion, strategies and demands

This trip offers the opportunity to gain a rare perspective of the Danube and the surrounding area and to acquire and exchange knowledge in a cheerful and cozy atmosphere. In addition to the most accurate analysis of the current situation, the experts also offer detailed, accurate predictions and are happy to share the feminist future with you inquisitive minds.

Accessibility: Wheelchair-accessible, barrier-free DIXI WC at the landing stage

The two boat trips will take place on Saturday, September 15. The meeting point is the landing stage of the MS-Helene in Linz/Urfahr in the area of the Urfahr fairground. Captain Helene Schaurecker will be steering the ship.

Our route is Linz center - Ottensheim - Linz harbor - Linz center

Afterwards there will be a small party at the MS Helene landing stage if the weather is fine or a cozy get-together at the Donauwirtinnen if the weather is bad

Per boat trip, 21 people can take part. Please register as soon as possible!
When registering, please let us know whether you prefer the 1st or 2nd round of the cruise.

Cost contribution for boat trip, knowledge acquisition and buffet: 5 euros
Please register at: fiftitu[at]

The experts

Tania Araujo is a Brazilian feminist theologian and philosopher. She is co-founder of the migrant women's self-organization, the Forum Interkulturalität and Migrawood. Cultural worker and socio-political activist. Tania Araujo survives in Linz

Sonja Eismann lives as a freelance journalist and cultural scientist in Berlin and Vienna. She was co-founder of the magazine nylon. KunstStoff magazine on feminism and pop culture and worked as an editor at Cologne-based magazine Intro from 2002 to 2007. She is currently researching grrrl zines and craftivism and often goes on tour with her book Hot Topic. Popfeminismus heute, published in October 2007. In general, she likes discourse, cross-country skiing and small animals with soft fur.

Marissa Lobô is a Black activist working in the field of cultural and political education. She is part of various collectives and works for the Maiz association. She is currently studying at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna in the class of Marina Gržinić (Post-Conceptual Art Practices).

Anna M. Liebmann I called the radio for the first time in 1991. in 2000, I made radio for the first time myself. I've been a media activist ever since. i set up my computer myself for the first time in 2005. When it wouldn't boot up, I learned that a lot can go wrong with these things, but that it's not Linux's fault. Since then, I've not only spent a lot of time in front of computers, but also with their cultural, political and social aspects, and I'm now convinced that voodoo is a factor that should not be underestimated in the way they work.


15:30 | Meeting boat trip 1st round (MS-Helene landing stage)

16:00 - 17:15 | Boat trip 1st round

17:00 | Meeting boat trip 2nd round (MS-Helene landing stage)

17:30 - 18:45 | Boat trip 2nd round

19:00 - 21:00 | Afterparty (MS Helene or Donauwirtinnen)

The idea is inspired by two sources

Blackmarket for Useful Knowledge and Non- Knowledge:
Hannah Hurtzig's idea of transporting knowledge in a performative way and staging conversations
staging conversations
has given a significant impetus to take up this method in
a simplified form simplified form.

World Café method:
The setting of a World Café is very informal. The guiding idea is the relaxed atmosphere of a street café where people chat informally. Listening to each other, asking questions and discussing a topic together.é