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December 1-3, 2016, Johannes Kepler University Linz & University of Art and Design Linz
Keynotes: Stephanie Seguino (University of Vermont), Nikita Dhawan (University of Innsbruck)

With its 4th annual conference, the Austrian Society for Gender Studies (ÖGGF) once again aims to provide a forum for gender studies in Austria in all its breadth, across all disciplines and generations. This year's conference will focus on the revision of inequalities in the concepts and interventions of critical gender studies. Theoretical and conceptual approaches such as intersectionality, postcolonial theory, queer studies, disability studies and others will be discussed, which seek to recognize a variety of discriminations that have so far remained unconsidered because they do not follow a binary logic of gender difference.

The keynote speakers are two female scientists who are pioneers in this respect. Stephanie Seguino (University of Vermont) will open the conference with the controversial question: "Who bears the bad news of capitalism? Gender, Race, and Austerity". Nikita Dhawan (University of Innsbruck) will conclude the conference with a review of genuine feminist claims to justice on a global level: "Transnational Justice and Gendered Vulnerability: Feminist Politics and (Im)possible Solidarities". In between, 27 panel sessions with over 80 presentations will take place over three days.

This year's "Open Space" will once again provide space for ÖGGF working groups and spontaneous collectives in which current theoretical and scientific-political challenges can be addressed and worked on. As pre-conference events, a workshop of the AG Nachwuchs (ÖGGF) on "Democratic-participatory science in and beyond universities" and, for the first time, a meeting of the Gender Platform on "Quality discussion in gender teaching" will take place. All conference participants are also welcome here.

In cooperation with the Institute for Media at the University of Art and Design Linz and maiz. Autonomes Zentrum von & für Migrantinnen, the evening event will take place on Thursday and Friday from 7 p.m.

For the event team:
Silvia Ulrich, Doris Weichselbaumer (Johannes Kepler University)
Karin Bruns, Angela Koch (University of the Arts) and maiz
Andrea B. Braidt (Chairwoman), Sigrid Schmitz (Deputy Chairwoman), ÖGGF

Conference program
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Registration for the conference
E-mail to:
Conference office
Contact: +43 (0) 732/2468 3620

As part of the annual conference, the pre-conference workshop of the AG Nachwuchs will again take place on the morning of December 01, 2016. Information on the AG Nachwuchs, the workshop and registration for the Nachwuchs mailing list at