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Filmscreening and Q&A

Filmscreening and Q&A

Screening of the documentary MANE on September 14 at the Moviemento cinema in Linz. Followed by Q&A with the director Sandra Krampelhuber moderated by Tmnit Ghide.

FIFTITU% will be showing the documentary MANE on Tuesday, September 14 at 8:30 pm at Moviemento Kino.
The screening will be followed by an audience discussion with director Sandra Krampelhuber, moderated by Tmnit Ghide.

Tuesday, September 14, 2021 | 8:30 pm
Moviemento cinema (Movie 2) | OK-Platz 1, Linz
Moviemento tickets: +43 (0) 732 784090

MANE Documentary film:
Two young women - two stories: a female rapper in Dakar and a female wrestler in southern Senegal: Toussa and Emodj. What they both have in common is the quest for victory and recognition in male-dominated spheres and a patriarchal society. A fight with words and visionary lyrics for a better society, and a fight with hard physical training for victory in the arena. "Mane" - "I" in the Wolof language - tells a modern, positive and forward-looking story of two young women and their universal truth: only we ourselves can make a difference, out of our own ambition and will

Astou "Toussa" Gueye, Jeannette "Emodj" Sambou, Isabelle Sambou, Alette Diatta, Marie-Thérèse Manga, Oumy Kalsoum Fall, Ina Ndeye Fatou Thiam, Pape Gueye, Élisa Marie "D-Freezy" A. Diatta, Simon Diatta

Trailer: Click HERE!

MANE (Austria, Senegal 2020 | 55 min | Wolof/ Diola/ French original language)
Director & producer: Sandra Krampelhuber
Cinematography: Jean Diouf, Michel Tsagli, Nazir Cissé
Sound: Michel Tsagli
Editing: Karam Jakob Al-Ghossein

MANE Festival Screenings:
St. Louis Docs / Sénégal, NYAFF - New York Africa Film Festival / USA, Crossing Europe Film Festival, Chale Wote Street Art Festival / Ghana, Quibdo Film Festival / Congo

The networking center for women* in art and culture in Upper Austria, works in its program series "Filmclub" with feminist or women*political directors* from Linz and Upper Austria to present their finished work (documentary film, feature film, short film, experimental film, etc.) publicly in the cinema, including a Q&A program

Moviemento Kino

OK Platz 1


Linz 4020