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Weltfrauentag 8. März 2014 | Feminismus & Krawall

Weltfrauentag 8. März 2014 | Feminismus & Krawall

What a women's day !!! What an award ceremony!!!

Here are the first photos from Women's Day 2014 in Linz

The first photos from Women's Day 2014 Linz - Thanks to Zoe*fotografie

Videos @ dorf TV Channel

Download program and route

From 11.30 am everyone was invited to take part in the "radio ballet". Choreographic instructions were conveyed in an audio piece, the execution of which broke the usual forms of behavior in public space.
The urban space is not only spatially re-experienced but also undergoes an acoustic transformation. A cell phone with FM reception or a portable radio and headphones are required to dance along to the radio ballet on the main square.

From 1pm to 3pm, live music performances were on the program. These included the "Butcher Babes", one of the few all-girl punk bands from Austria, whose snotty combo of fast drums, rough guitar riffs, original bass and roaring vocals will get stuck in your ear canals.

From 3 pm, the entries collected by "Papergirl Linz" from (paper)-enthusiastic artists were also given away to passers-by in Linz by bike.

The "Anthropophagic Procession on Holy Women's Day" started at 3 pm with the greeting "Go forth in insatiability and let the subversive laughter in times of prescribed seriousness accompany you for all eternity! Feminism and riot be with you!" along the highway to Martin-Luther-Platz.
The strategy of anthropophagy, of "man-eating", is aimed at cultural appropriation processes of the foreign: the other is devoured, fed into one's own metabolic system and thus serves as a building block of one's own unmistakable identity with regard to a possible cultural renewal. This process advocates incorporation rather than rejection, appropriation rather than assimilation, and offers the opportunity to question demarcations and hierarchies in favour of empathetic and equal immediacy in dealing with cultures. At 16:30, the procession ended with a ritual at Martin-Luther-Platz.

Finally, the route led to the Landhaus where all activists, colleagues, comrades-in-arms and friends of feminism and riot gathered for a group photo at 17:00. Under the motto "We are equal, some are more equal", the awarding of the national culture prizes was criticized. in 2012 and 2013, this award was once again only given to artists. Since 1989, only three! Female artists have received a major national cultural award.

The program in the city centre was scheduled to run until around 6 pm. For those who decide at short notice or visitors who can only attend later, the Infopoint - Krawallschiff "Franzi Feigl" on the main square is the first port of call for information.

Radio FRO 105,0 and broadcast live.

For the grand finale, the "Feminist Wish Concert" with live music, performances and Djing started at 8 pm with free admission in the Stadtwerkstatt. On show were: Danso Key, Petra and the Wolf, Missen Gemetzel, EsRaP & Dafina Sylejmani & Mindj Panther, Claudia Lima, Mayr and DJOzed; Moderation: Grace Latigo

Alliance for feminist engagement
Last year, on the initiative of artist Oona Valarie Serbest, around 80 women from various NGOs, art and cultural associations and private individuals organized themselves into a transcultural, women's political alliance. This gave rise to the "Feminism and Riot" initiative.

The initiative shares a commitment to women's rights and an interest in feminist issues. "With "Feminism and Riot", we want to bring our women's political demands and our criticism to the public in a special format," say the activists. In the meantime, the activists of this steadily growing alliance not only plan actions for 8 March, but also develop and organize women's political projects and events throughout the year. The "Feminism and Riot" initiative was recently awarded the 2014 Women's Prize of the City of Linz.Feminism and riot
A transcultural, women's political association for "feminism and riot" in the city! Musical, acoustic and performative actions for women's rights will take place at various locations in the city center of Linz. JOIN US!