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Rebeca Lane @ Stadtwerkstatt

Rebeca Lane @ Stadtwerkstatt

Rebeca Lane (Guatemala) feat. Zaki (El Salvador) & DJ Kuto Quilla (Peru), La Oona Montana - DJ Set
15.5.18, 20h Stadtwerkstatt Linz

20-21h Lecture with Rebeca Lane
from 21h concert Rebeca Lane feat. Zaki & DJ Kuto Quilla

Rebeca Lane is a "poet, rapper, sociologist, activist and hip hop educator", according to the artist's press release, and the 33-year-old is indeed a veritable multi-talent. As a child, she experienced the end of the civil war and its aftermath in Guatemala and, even as a young woman, was involved in initiatives that exposed the atrocities of the military dictatorship. In the course of her politicization, she discovered that women rarely took on leadership roles in the political and cultural system of her home country, and Rebeca Lane became a feminist. In particular, she became a cultural activist, and various forms of culture, especially theater, literature and music, became her concerns.

As a lyricist and rapper, her lyrics deal with her role as a woman, with the very strong machismo in Central America, but not least with colonialism (around 60% of Guatemala's population are indigenous, mostly Mayans) and militarism. Her work as a hip-hop teacher in poorer districts of Guatemala City - to give young women equal opportunities in the thoroughly sexist hip-hop culture - is just as important to her as her work as a sociologist - there won't be many female rappers in the world who have an "Academic Writings" section on their homepage before the "Poetry" category...


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