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love me gender

love me gender

Additional performance date on Wednesday, January 23, 2008, 8 p.m. at the AK Bildungshaus Jägermayrhof! Further dates coming soon.

love me gender - tell me where the women are

The play, a co-production of FIFTITU%, Arbeiterkammer Kultur OÖ. and theaternyx, will be shown on another evening at the Bildungshaus Jägermayrhof due to great demand: January 23, 2008. More information and dates coming soon!

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3 women on the brink of system collapse! - The roles ascribed to women are as restrictive as ever. Transgressing these definitions requires courage and is still met with sanctions. But there is sand running through the
Gears of the patriarchy.

In a co-production of FIFTITU%, Arbeiterkammer Kultur OÖ. and theaternyx, a new play with 3 actresses is being created under the direction of Brigitta Waschnig. Waschnig and theaternyx director Claudia Seigmann are responsible for the play version of this original creation, which will premiere on November 22 at the AK Bildungshaus Jägermayrhof in Linz

The play explores the working and leisure worlds of women and their activities as managers of life. The three players portray women's lives today, make comparisons with their mothers' generation and rap the statistics that still speak volumes for women's quotas. They make it clear that 1 woman must be many and 3 is therefore quite a lot. They decide for themselves and choreograph the uprising

With: Sabine Herget, Monika Pallua, Claudia Seigmann
Director: Brigitta Waschnig
Version of the play: Claudia Seigmann & Brigitta Waschnig
Stage design: Harald Bodingbauer
Video: Herbert Gutauer
Costumes: Verena Werin
Acting: Miriam Schedl

Additional performance date: January 23, 2008, 8 p.m.
AK Bildungshaus Jägermayrhof

Ticket reservation:
0732.770363-5472 or