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Klausur IV mit pnGirls Rock CAMP-Team

Klausur IV mit pnGirls Rock CAMP-Team

REMINDER: pnGirls Rock Camp Linz meeting @ FIFTITU%

Caucus IV with CAMP team / program / public relations

Looking forward to meeting again in Linz and continuing to work on the success of Girls Rock Camp LINZ

What will we discuss:

Program ready :) - JUHU

Some areas for the Upper Austria camp are not yet filled. Brainstorming what we can think of...application, merchandising, overall coordination

Update application/merchandising/deadlines

Questions to AGS (Prog <=> Finances / Merchandising <=>, ...)

Next dates

If you have any points for discussion, please bring them with you - we will make the agenda on site :)

Best regards

Photo: Astrid Knie