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Klausur III mit pnGirls Rock CAMP-Team

Klausur III mit pnGirls Rock CAMP-Team

Dear activists!

You are cordially invited to join us. the pink noise Girls Rock Camp will take place in Linz in 2015. The first working areas will meet for a retreat on Sunday. There is already a small group of women* working on the organization. But we would like more. Come and join us.

Closure III: Core team + public relations + application
Sunday, February 1, 12-16 h, at FIFTITU% / Linz

Please register for the meeting
Registration via mail: or +43 699 109 767 29

Harrachstraße 28, 4020 Linz
+43 (0)732 - 770353

We have tried to divide the entire organization into individual work areas. We have also made main working hours visible for the work areas.

I.e. if you are interested in working with us, but can only make a certain amount of time available, for example, you can choose the work area in which this is possible or you can only take on a small part in this area.
Most of the work is voluntary. There is a small expense allowance for all areas.
More details can be clarified at the meeting.

Work areas and time frame for 2015

WORK AREA 11: Core team
WORK AREA 6: Public relations
WORK AREA 5: Application

WORK AREA 11: Core team
Contact and coordination person (responsibility): 1 pink noise, 1 Linz, 1 Lower Austria
PAX per team: 3-7 | Rosi Kröll , Sarbina Kern, Xhejlan Rexhepi, Doris Zimmermann, Anna
Bader fix + interested people wanted
TODOs: e.g. takeover (coordination and/or organization) of a work area
(AB) (max. 2), overall view, involvement and decisions in all GRC areas,
3 retreat days (June), camp week time (end of August), conception &
Formulation of GRC policies (gender policy, media/sponsoring policies, etc.), reflection
GRC goals, methods and strategies (who do we want to reach, how, own
Positioning and localization, ...
Position of AB coordinator:
1 coordination person per AB = contact person for core team; coordination person seeks
people for AB, active involvement of married participants; responsible for ensuring that deadlines in
respective AB; division of work within the AB is the responsibility of the AB;
suggestion of what, how and by when should happen from coordinator to core team;
"important" decisions are made jointly in the core team
Coordination person does not mean that I have to implement (all) tasks in my area myself
have to implement them myself;
Period: over the year
Organization: organizational development, administration, graphics & advertising material (CI, print)

WORK AREA 6: Public relations
Contact and coordination person (responsibility): 1 pink noise, 1 Linz, 1 Lower Austria
PAX per team: 2-3 | Rosi fix | Interested parties wanted
TODOs: contacts, media policy & cooperations, press information, coordination with
Venue, press work at the camp, create press review, press / coordination
Closing evening, communication program
Period: January - September/October
Period: Website: March (last week), April (first 2 weeks), August +
Camp week, possibly 1st week of September

WORK AREA 5: Application
Contact and coordination person (responsibility): 1 pink noise, 1 Linz, 1 Lower Austria
PAX per team: 2-3 | interested people wanted
TODOs: contact to schools, potential participants, texts, communication AB-Öffi and ABDoku
Period: March-May
Period: mid-March - mid-May and mid-June


Date info: Retreat III for March 2015
Work areas: Registration/participants and program, core team

Photo: Astrid Knie