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Internationaler Frauenkampftag 2022

Internationaler Frauenkampftag 2022

We demand security for ALL refugees from ALL countries of origin!
We demand safety for Black people and People of Color in Europe and everywhere!
We demand safety for LGBTIQA* people!
Solidarity with all women, trans and inter people in the fight for peace.

To the solidarity-queerfeminist protest action on International Women's Day, March 8, 2022 on the main square in Linz ✊??

From 17:00 - 21:00 you can expect a vulvinant sound installation as well as great speakers and DJs.

Afterwards you are invited to the Nightline in the Stadtwerkstatt ... with feminism & riot for FLINTA and women's rights!

? 08.03.2022 | 17:30 - 21:00 ?? Main square Linz

From 20:00 Nightline @ Stadtwerkstatt

⚠️ At the Nightline in the STWST, 3G and masks are mandatory.
Please don't forget to test your PCR. thanks ♥️


Chrislane Barros da Silva - Black Lives Matter Linz
maiz - autonomous center by & for migrant women
The Collective - critical educational, counseling and cultural work by and for migrants
Inna Savchenko - opera singer and chairwoman of the TUKA association - Lesja Ukrainka Association of Ukrainian Culture in Austria
Renette Anayenyi Osako - Black Lives Matter Linz
Barbara Fischeneder - Fridays for Future
Alice Moe / Eric big Clit - Gender*Fluid Alien Punk, Drag King & Activist
Mariel Rodriquez-Rodriquez - Arbeitskreis für Gleichbehandlungsfragen, University of Art and Design Linz
Eva Schuh - Managing Director Violence Protection Center Upper Austria, lawyer, mediator, coach

DJ lineup main square

Tmnit Ghide
She is co-founder of the Berlin label and platform ALVOZAY and works as a DJ and music curator herself. As a contributor to various collectives such as Munich's Afrodiaspora2.0, Vienna's Bad&Boujee and BlackMovementAustria, she devotes herself to socio-political issues and challenges in various forms - artistically and activistically.

Bana Saadeh is a Vienna-based independent artist and designer. She is a co-founder of the self-organized project 1 m2 Market in Vienna. As a Social Designer and Community Worker, she believes in how creative solutions conceived through politics of solidarity, can benefit people affected by crisis.


DJ collective FupaMagic
FupaMagic is a mediator and transdisciplinary artist. She intentionally implements anti-racist work in the fields of education, performance, music and audio-visual art in an intersectional way.

Mariel Rodriguez-Rodriguez
Mariel Rodríguez is a visual artist, researcher and curator. She is interested in the intersections of visual, gender, postcolonial and critical studies. In her multi-media works and artistic research, Mariel examines the use of images in the production of hegemonic discourses and attempts to undermine them.

Momo is Amina's drag persona and DJ. He is part of the DJ collective The Golden Paws. The collective is based on a shared passion for music, transcending genre boundaries and without any claim to (pseudo)professionalism. The Golden Paws are all about finding the right soundtrack for a good party. They prefer to play music by queer-feminist artists and have a penchant for mainstream pop music. And it all comes with a lot of golden glitter.


Olivia Schütz is a cultural worker, editor and founder of the independent cultural newspaper "Die Referentin". Olivia is a board member of FIFTITU%

Gitti Vasicek is an artist, Vice Rector of the University of Art and Design Linz, board member of Stadtwerkstatt and works for FIFTITU%, the Provincial Cultural Advisory Board and the Austrian Design Network.


Silke Müller is a Linz/AT based illustrator. She illustrates editorials and posters about feminism, ecological and social policies.