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"Gleichstellungsziele - Gleichstellungspraxen"

"Gleichstellungsziele - Gleichstellungspraxen"

Lecture and discussion with Birge Krondorfer
Interpreting into sign language: Emilia Racz
HOSI Linz, Fabrikstr. 18, 4020 Linz (barrier-free)

Partial listening in the 52radiominutes of May

Equality is currently on everyone's lips.
Equality is necessary.
Equality is both a path and a goal.
Equality is an instrument for fair distribution/sharing.
But equality is also problematic.

The lecture aims to provide an introduction to possible equality practices and insights into (critical) equality discourses.

Birge Krondorfer is a philosopher, author and adult educator. Teaches at various universities (and Vienna School of Art) in the fields of gender studies, basic feminist theories, cultural studies, political philosophy. Lectures at home and abroad. Numerous publications on feminist theory and practice. Training in group training, supervision, mediation and intercultural training. Co-founder and volunteer in "Frauenhetz - Feminist Education, Culture and Politics".

Photo: Petra Moser
Birge Krondorfer and Emilia Racz