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Getting Closer – Tricky Women Filmfestival visits Linz

Getting Closer – Tricky Women Filmfestival visits Linz

The cooperation project between FIFTITU%, the Tricky Women Animated Film Festival and Moviemento Kino brings AnimationFilmArtby women* to Linz on two evenings. Under the maxim "Getting closer", structures, dynamics and individual parts of social developments will be examined more closely and interests, circumstances and modes of action behind various categorizations will be questioned.

22 June: Programme: Migration / Family

From Orient to Oxident, between methaphorical, illusory or concrete aspects; from traumas, desires or joyful new self-confidence, from yesterday to today, the arc spans between escape and unexpected encounters

June 29: Program: Relationships / Social Structures

Allegories of disruption, disintegration and the power of one's own wings. Imaginary maps of demarcations and breakthroughs; of enmity to friendship; of narcissism or love relationships; small causes and large effects told with wit and warmth.