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FEMALE REALITIES - Geschichten vom Leben und vom zu Hause sein

FEMALE REALITIES - Geschichten vom Leben und vom zu Hause sein

Film evening with discussion

Monday, May 18, 2009 // 19:30 // Linz. Press Center Old City Hall // Hauptplatz 1

AKKU Cultural Center Steyr produced a film documentary in the "European Year of Intercultural Dialogue" as part of the event series "Strong Sisters", which consists of encounters and interviews with seven women from different parts of the world. Girls and women we could meet here.'

Grown up and educated with the world view of their respective political, cultural and religious backgrounds and with the influences of the medialization of a "global - borderless?" world World, they tell us the story of their being here.

The women share their experiences of being foreign and arriving. Among other things, we learn how they overcome the associated challenges, what "being at home" means to them and what treasure it brings to be connected with different languages and cultures.

A Strong Sisters production in the spirit of: Think global - act local.
Concept and idea: Veronika Almer

Austria 2008 // 85 min

Film screening and subsequent discussion with:

Mag.a Maria Buchmayr, spokesperson for the Green Women of Upper Austria, candidate for the Upper Austrian state parliament
Veronika Almer, Managing Director AKKU Cultural Center
One of the women involved in the film will be a guest

Admission free!

Cosy finale with a small buffet

An event in cooperation with: The Greens Intercultural, The Greens 50+, AKKU Steyr, FIFTITU%