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Creating the Change

Creating the Change

Panel discussion

November 16, 2006, 8:00 p.m.

OK Center, Dametzstrasse 31, 4020 Linz, Media Deck, 4th floor

Not only in Upper Austria, but also in Vorarlberg something is happening in terms of gender symmetry in art and culture:

Invitation card, graphic: Katharina Loidl

The IG Kultur Vorarlberg has already achieved initial successes with a women's study, e.g. equal representation on most committees and the anchoring of gender sensitivity in the criteria catalog of the art commissions. A lot has also happened in Upper Austria, e.g. the appointment of an equal number of women and men to the state cultural advisory board. However, we are still a long way from the principle of 50% of public attention, 50% of jobs and 50% of money for women. What can and must be done to achieve this goal? How can the federal states assume their responsibility in such a way that words are followed by concrete action?

20.00 o'clock

Presentation of the Vorarlberg Women's Study and the book "Creating the Change - Contributions to the Theory and Practice of Measures for the Advancement of Women and Equal Treatment in the Cultural Sector" by the editor Sabine Benzer, IG Kultur Vorarlberg

Panel discussion with
Dr. Josef Pühringer, Governor and Head of Cultural Affairs of Upper Austria
Dr. Juliane Alton, IG Kultur Vorarlberg
Mag.a Gabriele Heidecker, FIFTITU%
Andrea Mayer-Edoloeyi, FIFTITU%

Moderation: Uli Böker, Mayor of Ottensheim, former Managing Director of the Festival of Regions