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FIFTITU % organized a cultural afternoon on the ship as part of the Linzfest

Linz, May 28, 2000

Ceija Stojka: "Memories of a Rome Gypsy"

Ceija Stojka has long since settled down in the country where she and her children are still met with reservations - in the country where she is also widely recognized as an author, painter and singer. Her pictures and texts tell of her childhood, when she was still traveling through Austria with her parents - of her suffering as a concentration camp inmate and of her life after the war. With her memories of a personal fate, she reveals the dramatic past of the Roma in Austria both as an author and as a painter.

Ceja Stojka: born in Styria in 1933 as the traveling child of Lovara Rom; interned in the concentration camps Auschwitz, Ravensbrück and Bergen-Belsen during the war, she has lived in Vienna since the end of the war

Ship trip 2.30 pm (duration: approx. 1 1/2 hours)
Reading: Ceija Stojka
Ceija Stojka tells us "her story" from her real past, the good and the bad: "It's good that there are people who want to know who I am!"

Little is known about the lives of the Sinti and Roma. Ceija Stojka has written down what she went through as a child in Auschwitz, Ravensbrück and Bergen-Belsen. Her notes are the only written memories of the horrors of the concentration and extermination camps recorded by Roma and Sinti to date.

Music: Célia Mara & Sisters
Three women on stage - as different as day and night. Célia Mara from Brazil - fiery, bubbling ...; Iris Kulterer from Carinthia - sunny and fun; Ingrid Oberkanins from Upper Austria - clearly structured. An encounter between Brazilian and European understanding of music.
C. Mara: voice, guitar; I. Kulterer, I. Oberkanins: percussion

MAIZ women: Women.image.text.presentations
Pictures, texts and installations by migrant women about their current situation in Austria - compiled and presented by the MAIZ women/Linz.
Takes place at both exits

Cruise at 5 pm (duration: approx. 1 1/2 hours)
MICHAELA DIETL: "Devilishly mean chansons and texts"
Michaela Dietl hates cabaret - and wins 2nd prize at the Passau Scharfrichterbeil 1997, 1st prize at the Munich Straßen-Grand-Prix 1997, 2nd prize at the Freistädter Frischling 1998. She is snotty, beautiful and soon turns out to be a diva on stage. She makes herself the subject of the show and talks about her life as a street musician, mother and comedian in an undisguised and hilarious way. As a brilliant and imaginative musician who elicits enchanting and fascinating sounds from her accordion and her throat, she delivers outrageously likeable cabaret of a very unique, messy kind.

Children's program:
On both outings: childcare and clown woman

Moderation: Alenka Maly (filmmaker, Traun)