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Sexpress Yourself & Justify my Love: Talk mit Dr. Bitch Ray

Sexpress Yourself & Justify my Love: Talk mit Dr. Bitch Ray

DR. BITCH RAY reads from her book on MADONNA

  • In conversation with Nancy Mensah-Offei & Enesi M.
  • Music: Tonica Hunter (Sounds of Blackness, Bad&Boujee, ON FLEEK)

Already a guest in Linz for the second time, the great Dr. Bitch Ray honors us with a reading from her current book "Madonna". During the reading, Nancy Mensah-Offei and Enesi M. will be in conversation with Dr. Bitch Ray.

"For her school friends, Madonna is a "lesbian bitch" - for 11-year-old Reyhan Şahin, she is the greatest role model. The fact that we know Reyhan today as Lady Bitch Ray, an unconventional artist, a PhD in linguistics, a clever and opinionated feminist, has a lot to do with the Queen of Pop. She tells us about this - and about the power of pop music."

At the start and finish, DJ Tonica Hunter will fill the main square with her very own sound - a fusion of her Jamaican roots, her London upbringing, her connections as a member of the diaspora to Africa and her navigation between these identities and all the experiences in between.

  • The reading is fully booked.
    Waiting list places will be allocated directly on site from 20:10!

    The legal safety distance between visitors must be observed at all times.
    It is requested that MNS masks are worn.

  • Date
    1. August 2020 | Start: 8 pm, reading discussion 8.30 pm | End: 10:30 pm
  • Main square Linz
    Neptune Fountain

An event by FIFTITU% - the networking center for women in art and culture in cooperation with
maiz, the autonomous center by and for migrants

Support by: Women's Office City of Linz, Linz Kultur, Province of Upper Austria, Federal Chancellery, Working Group for Equal Treatment Issues - Linz University of Art

1 (Reyhan Şahin aka Dr. Bitch Ray, 2020: Madonna)