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FIFTITU% Vernetzungs- und Punschparty

FIFTITU% Vernetzungs- und Punschparty

Dear women!

We would like to invite you again to a FIFTITU% punch party on Monday, January 15, 2007 from 6 pm in the attic of the KAPU! women only!

The central theme will be the Capital of Culture year 2009. Unfortunately, Linz 09 GmbH has so far shown no awareness of gender criteria. Linz is on the way to missing its chance to be perceived as a progressive city that is aware of women's issues.

The focus of the next FIFTITU% punch party is therefore the networking of women to adopt a joint position paper. With regard to Linz 09, we would like to gather feedback on experiences with project submissions, pass on information and discuss joint strategies. The question is whether and how we want to act together in public.

The Capital of Culture is a topic that is probably also of interest to women who do not work primarily in the cultural sector. That's why this time we're not only inviting artists and women working in culture, but also other women's initiatives from Linz and Upper Austria.

We look forward to your visit and a pleasant evening with a fine buffet and dance music with Lisa S. and Djini Godez.

We kindly ask you to register at fiftitu(at)