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FIFTITU% lädt zum Schwimmfisch

FIFTITU% lädt zum Schwimmfisch

For Thursday, August 9th from 16:00 FIFTITU% invites you to the Urfahraner-Strand-Picknick. FIFTITU% will provide wheelchair-accessible toilets and a barbecue. We hope that you will bring your own food and drinks that you intend to consume.
Use the city summer for lanzln (lazing around), hanging out (hanging out), gmiatlich(cozy) drinking and Grü'n (grilling). And not only that...
In case of bad weather we have reserved a table at the Donauwirtinnen.

Some say summer break. But we've got our fellow women* in mind, and hope to spend a few pleasant evening hours with you in good weather. We will provide the essentials at the Urfahranerstrand (toilet, barbecue, corkscrew). Possible event points besides heating up and serving will be decided on site

On the one hand, we want to make the city summer cozy with colleagues, consorts and fellow campaigners. On the other hand, there is so much to discuss and plan: from local cultural policy to post-patriarchy, from the first broken heart to poverty in old age. From racism and right-wing extremism to homophobia, there's enough to get the blood boiling even on warm summer evenings

Therefore: meeting on Thursday, August 9; depending on the weather, either at Urfahranderstrand at 16:00 or at the Donauwirtinnen from 18:00:
there we'll see what we all bring with us, to drink, to eat, to read, to listen, to love, to get angry, to talk, to plan and to demonstrate.

In the summertime when the weather is high /
you can stretch right out and touch the sky /
when the weather's fine you got women you got women on your mind /
have a drink have a drive go out and see what you can find.

FIFTITU% surprise swimming fish. Don't miss it.