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„Mit feministischen Grüßen“ – Stencil Workshop

„Mit feministischen Grüßen“ – Stencil Workshop

Linz, Friday, November 23, 2012

As part of the project "With feminist greetings", FIFTITU% is organizing a "Stencil Workshop" in cooperation with the cultural association Stadtwerkstatt Linz!
Workshop leaders: Helga Schager & Oona Valarie

"With feminist greetings" - Stencil Workshop

11 differently motivated women took part in the stencil workshop. The workshop began with an introduction to feminist image politics and constructions of reality. The variety of ways to present "women's politics" in public space was analyzed and discussed.

This was followed by practice:
Finding ideas - designing - cutting stencils - spraying! After 5 hours of intensive work, impressive results of stencil art with feminist messages were left behind in the Stadtwerkstatt Linz area.

PS: Stencil art is street art and a suitable means of artistically expressing ideas in the form of subjects and/or text messages in the cityscape. In contrast to graffiti art, it is possible to create a wide variety of shapes in a very short time and as often as desired on the desired surfaces by making stencils. From playful, dreamy images to concise political messages, it is possible to publicly express your opinion or, if required, to pass on messages to insiders using secret language.

Photo: Helga Schager