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Street Date | Heiße Theke

Street Date | Heiße Theke

Wed 31. January 2024, 17h - 18:30h

★ Heiße Theke Domgasse
Cordial invitation to the street date 🃏
🔜 January 31, 2024

The Heiße Theke in Domgasse is a dynamic meeting place for urban culture that is activated by local hosts and initiatives from the Domgasse neighborhood. On seven evenings during the cold months, a diverse program of art, discourse and live music is created.

When & Where

  • January 31, 2024, 5:00pm-1:00pm
  • Hot bar: Domgasse Linz at the Hemingway's and Zaffran's summer gardens.

On January 31, there are not only warming drinks in store, but also an invitation to a Street Date. The interactive game invites you to explore the urban space around Domgasse. As a playful discussion format about networking, community and public space, it aims to enable low-threshold participation for residents, interested parties and passers-by.

The hot counter forms the architectural framework, which folds up during the activations thanks to the modular wooden construction. Between the performances, it functions as a strategically positioned object that invites interaction and also indicates upcoming events.

The Hot Bar in Domgasse always takes place Wednesdays 🔜 31. January 2024

Upcoming events

  • 14. & 28. February 2024
  • 6., 13. and March 27, 2024

We invite you to participate in the design of the Hot Bar Domgasse! If you are interested, please contact us by email at:
stay connected ツ

& Studio Clemens Bauder



  • Supported by Linz Kultur
  • Idea & concept: Clemens Bauder, Oona Valarie Serbest, Rebekka Hochreiter, Leonie Reese
  • Street Date: Leonie Reese, Rebekka Hochreiter
  • Object hot bar: Studio Clemens Bauder


Heiße Theke



Linz 4020