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Film YU? ┊ EsRAP • Dacid Go8lin • Dj Ripley • Dj Beatrice ┊ Röda

Film YU? ┊ EsRAP • Dacid Go8lin • Dj Ripley • Dj Beatrice ┊ Röda

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"FIFTITU% pres. YU?" and invites you to a brilliant evening at Röda in Steyr on Saturday, February 1.

The Viennese duo of Turkish origin EsRAP stirred up Vienna in September with their new song "Freunde Dabei". In Steyr, they present their debut album "Tschuschistan" with a mixture of traditional Arabesque music and modern hip hop.
Dacid Go8blin also comes in friendship with her DJ Xena N.C.. The co-founder of the Viennese label FEMME DMC is non-conformist and spreads the right vibe: the next hip hop revolution is female! Followed by bass music from DJ Ripley from New York and DJ Beatrice.
The evening will open with the premiere of the film "Yu? [Why you?]" by Jerneja Zavec about young artists from the former Yugoslavia. The film screening will be followed by a talk moderated by Adriana Torres Topaga with the director and the protagonists Dejmi Hadrovic and Dafina Sylejmani.


19:30 YU? [why you?] - documentary film by Jerneja Zavec followed by an audience discussion
21:30 Dacid Go8blin & XENA N.C.
22:00 EsRAP
23:00 DJ Ripley (NY)
00:30 DJ Beatrice

  • Documentary film "Yu? [Why you?]"
    (AT 2018, 70min., original language)

YU? focuses on six stories of young artists from different regions of the former Yugoslavia who live and work in Austria. The film interweaves the cultural, social and political actions of the protagonists with their artistic positions. An intimate work that shows insights into the realities of migrant life and perspectives.
With the protagonists: Dejmi Hadrovic, Selma Ljubijankic, Elisabeth Taruvinga Mtasa, Jerca Roznik Novak, Xhejlane Rexhepi, Dafina Sylejmani.

The film screening will be followed by a discussion with the director Jerneja Zavec and the protagonists Dejmi Hadrovic and Dafina Sylejmani. Moderated by Adriana Torres Topaga

  • Live act: EsRAP

"You have privilege I have friends with me"

In 2019, EsRAP released their debut album "Tschuschistan" on the Berlin label Springstoff. In hip hop, siblings Esra and Enes Özmen have found the perfect medium to make their voices heard and give recognition to their own world and all its conflicts. Together they form the duo EsRAP and find inspiration in the Turkish-Middle Eastern genre arabesque, which they combine with modern beats. Their lyrics in German/Turkish deal with questions of identity, being foreign in one's own country as children of the third generation, the necessity of rebellion experienced first-hand, rap as resistance and feminism in patriarchy

  • Live act: Dafina Sylejmani aka Dacid Go8lin & Xena N.C.

Dacid Go8lin is a versatile multi-talent: rapper, producer, DJ and visual artist. She is co-founder of the Viennese label Femme DMC, an all-female collective of musicians dedicated to hip hop in all its elements. Xena N.C. is a Vienna-based rapper and DJ and a member of Femme DMC.

  • DJ Ripley aka Larisa Kingston Mann

is a DJ, media anthropologist, public speaker, activist and professor of media studies. She has been playing her wild mix of jungle, footwork & global street bass on international dancefloors since 1995.
She uses bass music to smash prejudice and celebrate people's stories across ethnicity, gender and sexuality, for liberation and cosmic expansion. Music is by definition transgressive, its main aim is to challenge the assumption that difference breeds division and mistrust - instead difference, rupture and strangeness is a place of conscious, open and physical joy.

  • DJ Beatrice

Since the mid-1990s, DJ Beatrice has been an integral part of the Upper Austrian DJ scene and her career has taken her from the legendary "KANAL" in Schwertberg to clubs such as the "Röda" in Steyr or the "Kapu", the "Sputnik", the "Mezzanin" and the "Strom" in Linz. Her music ranges from minimal and electronic to disco, house and dance.


Image: ESRAP by Daniel Shaked