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Wo bleiben die Frauen und wo bleiben Kunst und Kultur

Wo bleiben die Frauen und wo bleiben Kunst und Kultur

Literature is an obsession - Interview with the poet Ann Cotten

In "divensplitter - larger than life", an editor meets an artist, cultural worker, divas and other exciting people for an in-depth interview. It's about current works, art, the role of women and the gender discourse.

The poet, Viennese and Berliner Ann Cotten was author in residence at the Graz ELEVATE & hoergeREDE 13 Festival. There she performed together with the French duo Dat Politics in the Minoritensaal. Elevate is an interdisciplinary festival with a strong focus on socio-political and cultural issues with international participation, which takes place once a year in Graz. Through the unique combination of critical-political discourse with advanced electronic music, literature and art, the Elevate Festival offers the opportunity to get to know new and innovative content.

The festival announces Ann Cotten as follows: "...Ann Cotten is one of the most radical voices of the contemporary literary avant-garde. Her highly political works as a poet, translator, activist and literary theorist revolve around the inherent dynamics of systemic instruments of power - in literary genres, in the view of social relationships, in the field of tension between self-empowerment, post-democracy, refusal and commitment."

Silke Müller met Ann Cotten at the Forum Stadtpark and asked her why she not only writes poetry, but also draws and makes music, whether feminism is an issue for her, what she does for a living and which female artists accompany her. The 31-year-old then talks about this on the well-attended terrace of the forum. She defends sensitivity, knows that sometimes the hand draws or writes faster than you can think and she would like a monument to Helene von Druskowitz, who unfortunately (...) ended up in an insane asylum. "The problem with madness is that it is so reasonable."

Ann Cotten published the short story collection "Ein schaudernder Fächer" with suhrkamp in October 2013. It has 251 pages, is hardback and costs €22.60.

Listen to the interview.

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On our own behalf
On the occasion of the presentation of the 2013 Provincial Culture Awards on November 15 in the Stone Hall of the Linz Landhaus, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that the Provincial Culture Awards 2013 will once again be presented exclusively to artists.

Artists can only benefit from the talent promotion awards. Which of course makes a financial difference. The text was already sent out in 2012 with almost the same wording. in 2013, we can simply take it out of the dustbin again, smooth it out a bit with an iron and resend it to those responsible with a few minor changes. Too few or no women are applying - they say.

In our opinion, it is the responsibility of the body issuing the call to ensure equal participation - especially as this was formulated as such a concern in the national cultural mission statement. This responsibility is often shifted to FIFTITU%, for example

Open letter on the FIFTITU% cultural awards

In this commentary by Stephan Roiss, the Austrian Cultural Council has asked itself two important questions - Where are the women and where are art and culture? In the current coalition negotiations between the SPÖ and ÖVP - they have obviously forgotten about women and about art and culture...

Ajla von Heel (OSCE Gender Office) @ "Women's participation in Hungary's 2014 parliamentary elections"
The discussants at the conference: "Women's participation in Hungary's 2014 parliamentary elections" also asked the same question - where are the women? - was asked. new elections will be held in Hungary in 2014.
A recording of the conference: "Women's participation in Hungary's 2014 parliamentary elections" with discussant Ajla von Heel from the OSCE Gender Office on measures to increase women's participation in politics can be heard on air.

The conference was organized by the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights, the Friedrich Ebert Foundation and the Central European University. It took place in Budapest (Hungary) on November 15, 2013, Jerneja Zavec attended the conference.
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November 25 is the International Day against Violence against Women
...and it is a day of remembrance and action to combat discrimination and all forms of violence against women. On this occasion, the Linz Women's Office, in cooperation with various associations and organizations, invites you to the international campaign "16 days against violence against women" from 25 November to 10 December 2013 in Linz. There will be free workshops and a lecture.