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FIFTITU% hat 15 Jahre geschafft!

FIFTITU% hat 15 Jahre geschafft!

We're in a bubbly celebratory mood: author Julya Rabinovic is the winner of the Marianne von Willemer Prize, The Empress Club has invited Feral is Kinky to a pre-concert lecture, a film about feminism has been released and FIFTITU% is 15 years old. Glamorous October!

"queered up"
On Thursday, October 24, the Marianne von Willemer Prize was awarded in the Old Town Hall. The Women.literature. Marianne von Willemer Prize is intended to recognize high-quality works by female writers and to help women gain a foothold in the local literary scene.
This year's winner is Julya Rabinowich. She is a writer, playwright, painter and simultaneous interpreter. The jury awarded her the prize with an endowment of €3,600 for her short story entitled "Ebenbilder".
The text excerpts from "Ebenbilder" will be read in the program by Julya Rabinowich.

"Most people don't believe me, when they saw me on stage, but I'm a little bit shy..." Feral is Kinky: the British musician and artist discussed her career and more than 20 years of experience in the music industry as a producer, MC and DJ and her role as a woman before her concert and DJ performance at Stadtwerkstatt on October 19. In the course of her career, she has also changed her name as an artist a few times, now she sticks to the well-known Feral is Kinky.

Another project on her own behalf. This time, filmmaker Edith Stauber has created a humorous, ironic but also provocative video entitled Feminism for Dummies. A project that was commissioned by FIFTITU% as part of the annual project "With feminist greetings".

On October 21, a film screening with discussion took place at the Autonomous Women's Center:
In the style of a one-armed bandit, images rattle across the screen and provide information about the social situation of women* and men*. The video is intended to raise awareness of feminism, its demands and goals. The fact that feminism is taboo in some places or portrayed as something long outdated makes the issue all the more urgent and is intended to show that post-feminism is still a long way off.

"served & decorated"
Events in October:

- october 20: Feminism&Riot meeting/meeting for ladies only (who feels like a lady). It's about March 8, 2014 - this time we will already make some concrete plans and discuss some details for the evening program.

- october 31: Everyone who wants to celebrate with us is cordially invited.
Under the title: Peace, joy, spitting fire, FIFTITU% celebrates 15 years together with Radio FRO!!!
At 8 pm "Feminism for Dummies" - Film screening Great music program, approx. at 9 pm laudations and acceptance speeches to then continue celebrating all evening.
Controversies, alternatives and passion on the way to a better world ;) In the Stadtwerkstatt, Kirchengasse 4 / October 31 / Admission: PAY as you wish - but PAY! We are looking forward to it!