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Feministische Perspektiven in der Sexarbeit

Feministische Perspektiven in der Sexarbeit

"squeezed up"

On November 4, 2013, the Autonomous Women's Center hosted a discussion on the topic of sex work. "Legal, illegal or doesn't matter?" was the question posed to representatives of the Viennese association "Feminist Discourse" and activists from maiz, the autonomous center by and for migrant women in Linz. They dealt with questions such as:

Is sex work a service like any other? Is it incompatible with gender equality that - for the most part - men pay women for sex? Is a ban on buying sex the solution to the problem of prostitution? Will this drive prostitutes even more into the arms of pimps and expose them to danger? Are mega brothels and flat-rate brothels fueling a spiral of human trafficking and violence? Are there women who want to practice sex work independently and as a respectable profession? And what do feminists think about these issues?

The "Feminist Discourse" association advocates a ban on sex work based on the Swedish model. maiz, on the other hand, has been fighting for 19 years to improve the living and working conditions of sex workers, among other things.


In the second article on sex work, we distort the discourse in Germany. The magazine EMMA published an "Appeal against prostitution". The signatories want to abolish prostitution and fight trafficking in women more vigorously. The argument: sex workers would not work in the trade voluntarily; it is patriarchally dominated economic structures that force them into their situation. Alice Schwarzer's magazine, EMMA, therefore published an "appeal against prostitution". However, the list of supporters does not include any women who are themselves affected. They have simply signed elsewhere. Sex workers complain about the ostracism of their profession in an "appeal for prostitution". Radio Corax spoke to Theodora Becker from Hydra e. V. about working conditions in sex work. Hydra e. V. is an advocacy group for prostitutes.

"served and decorated"

On Thursday 16 and Friday 17 January 2014, the symposium "Feminist Perspectives: Positioning and Visions for the Future" will take place at Posthof.

A place of dialogue where no fixed views are occupied, but a place that is kept free for debate: The symposium "Feminist Perspectives" by Posthof and FIFTITU% taking place in January 2014 brings together current positions that make a variety of feminist thinking (in the cultural field) visible and encourage people to go beyond the boundaries of their own thinking. Speakers at the symposium in alphabetical order are: Seyran Ateş, Persson Perry Baumgartinger, Sonja Eismann, Sibylle Hamann, Julya Rabinowich, Rúbia Salgado, Cornelia Travnicek and Vina Yun, moderated by Beate Hausbichler

On this occasion, we invited Roswitha Kröll, one of the managing directors of fiftitu% to the microphone.

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"served and decorated"

Papergirl Linz is a project within the framework of Feminism & Riot and asks for submissions on this very topic. Anything that can be rolled can be submitted. Papergirl will exhibit the artworks in Linz before they are given away to walkers and strollers by Papergirls and -boys on bicycles as part of a distribution campaign

Papergirl is an urban, non-commercial art project.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE is February 8, 2014

Send submissions to: Papergirl Linz, c/o Stadtwerkstatt, Kirchengasse 4, 4040 Linz.

More info: and