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Feminismus und Krawall Camp

Feminismus und Krawall Camp

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Feminism and Riot is a transcultural, women's political alliance for feminist riot on March 8, International Women's Day.

This year, the first Feminism and Riot Camp will take place in Linz from March 5-7 as part of Feminism and Riot. The approach for such a camp is exchange. Feminism and riot act together on the basis of different needs, experiences, ways of life and world views. Feminism and Riot forms new forms of transcultural connections and networks.

Since 2013, musical, acoustic and performative actions for women's rights have been taking place in the city center of Linz on Women's Day. Representatives of Feminism and Riot Sabina Köfler, Edith Paule, Valarie Serbest and Gitti Vasicek told us what this year's first FuK Camp and happening on International Women's Day will look like.



The pink noise Girls Rock Camp is a music and band project week for girls* and young women* between the ages of 14 and 21 that takes place during the summer vacations. It offers the opportunity to take part in workshops (writing songs, organizing concerts, live technology, stage performances, etc), instrument courses and band rehearsal units.

The Girls Rock Camp is a project of pink noise, an association for the promotion of feminist pop-cultural activities, whose activities extend throughout Austria. And this year FIFTITU% is bringing the Girls Rock Camp to Linz together with pink noise and Ann & Pat. Roswitha Kröll, one half of the FIFTITU% management team and representative for the Girls Rock Camp team in Linz, was a guest on Daniel Steiner's show "I don't like Mondays" on dorfTV.



Susanne Kirchmayr from Vienna has been playing electronic music under the name Electric Indigo for well over 20 years. Between the Love Parade and countless techno parties, in 1998 she founded the international network female:pressure which makes women active in this field visible. Female pressure is an international network, a database of musicians, DJs, VJs and other people who are active in the field of electronic music in the broadest sense.

We have taken over the interview from Radio Corax.



Women are clearly underrepresented in the German film industry. This is the conclusion reached by media researchers at the University of Rostock in their study "Who makes German cinema films? Gender Report 2009-2013". According to the head of the study, Elizabeth Prommer, female directors are not only significantly underrepresented in German cinema. They also receive significantly less financial support than their colleagues

The German initiative Pro Quote Regie is therefore calling for equal representation in the decision-making bodies of all film funding organizations. At the Berlinale 2015, ProQuote Regie set up a transparent bubble as a studio in public space. Inside it, women could be seen talking and gesticulating, visible to passers-by. While the premieres and after-show parties at the Berlinale are oh-so-exclusive, the focus here was on transparency for five days.

At the beginning of this year, only three of the 25 nominated government members in Afghanistan were women. Parliament has rejected all nominated female ministers. Women and men demonstrated against this under police protection in Kabul. Read more:


served and decorated

- International Women's Day will be celebrated in Linz this year with a feminism and riot camp . For three days from March 5-7, 2015, workshops, discussions and performative interventions will take place in the public space. The deadline for the call has been extended to February 24, 2015.

- On February 26, 2015 the presentation of the women's* magazine GLOSS Vol.2 with Cherry Sunkist and DJane Emily Escobar will take place at Pangea, Werkstatt der Kulturen der Welt, at Marienstraße 10. The event starts at 7 pm, Pangea asks for registrations at:

- We have already mentioned the call for participation in the Feminism and Riot Camp, which will take place from March 5-7, 2015. On these days, you can take part in workshops, discussions and performative interventions in public spaces. On March 8 is International Women's Day and Feminism and Riot is celebrating on the main square!

- One day after International Women's Day, on March 9, 2015, "Talk of Fem" and the annual awarding of the City of Linz Women's Prize will take place in the Old Town Hall at 7 pm. The prize, endowed with 3,600 euros, is an award for women's political commitment.

Picture: Silke Müller