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Der Traum der Revolution

Der Traum der Revolution

squeezed up

October 24, 2017 marked 100 years of the October Revolution. To mark the occasion, the film "Comrade, Where Are You Today? - The Dream of Revolution" by Finnish director Kirsi Marie Liimatainen was shown at Moviemento Linz. We spoke to her in an interview about the content of the aforementioned film, how relevant the ideas of Marxism and socialism are today and the role of feminism and equal rights


At the end of October, we visited the queer-feminist festival Vox Feminae in Zagreb, Croatia. Its focus is on the promotion of national and transnational queer-feminist artists and deals with questions about art, urban and alternative culture as well as gender issues and gender-sensitive social engagement. We spoke to Marino Čajdo, head of the Vox Feminae Platform, about the festival, its content and the importance of self-sufficiency.
This interview can be heard in English.


"5-2 Minutes"- feminist news

This year's Marianne.von.Willemer.Literature Prize goes to Marlene Gölz. The author convinced the jury with her text "Hungry Swayze Eyes". The Women.literature.prize is endowed with 3,600 euros.
The jury explained its decision as follows "In her very dense text, Marlene Gölz succeeds in describing a life as a young woman at the end of the 1980s in just a few pages. As a reader, you are immediately in the middle of it, and at the end you only wish for one thing: to be able to read on.

The Lower Austrian women's shelters will receive more money from the state of Lower Austria in 2018. This year, 1.8 million euros were made available; according to the press release, the basis for calculation will be adjusted next year in addition to the usual valorization, so that the amount will increase by around 80,000 euros. We will soon find out how this will affect the women's shelters in Upper Austria.////////////////////////////////////

served and decorated

On December 16 at 7 pm, Kulturlandretten Spendengala with Youth, Aivery and One.culture.clan will take place at the KAPU in Linz. With this fundraising gala, the KAPU is supporting the Rettet das Kulturland OÖ initiative.

Music (CC): Riot Grrrl Is Not Dead