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squeezed up

At the beginning of October, we attended the first evening of the film series Red Pills in Black Boxes. Afterwards, there was an artist talk about Cunt-Art/Clit-Art - Amina Lehner and Isabel Fröschl spoke with host Sabrina Kern about the aforementioned topic. We listen to a recording.



In the section Divasplitter we listen to the performer Edith Paule. She is involved in FIFTITU%, Feminism and Riot and many other organizations. We spoke to Edith about her performances and her involvement in art and culture.


"5-2 Minutes"- feminist news

Austria is only in midfield when it comes to gender equality. According to a ranking published on Wednesday by the European Institute for Gender Equality, Austria ranks 13th among the 28 EU countries

The Norwegian Football Association has decided to pay female national team players the same amount as their male colleagues. They even gave up money for this. In future, the female national team players will also receive a total of six million Norwegian kroner (just under €640,000) per year for their appearances in the national jersey. Previously, they only received just under half of this at NOK 3.1 million.


served and decorated

On November 10 and 11, 2017, FIFTITU% invites you to a workshop on the topic "Queer and LGBTIA language in theory and practice" at the Infobeisl in the Willy*Fred-Haus at Graben 3 in Linz. Participation is free of charge.
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A panel discussion on the question "How do we speak here?" will take place on November 16, 2017 at 6 pm in the Kepler Salon in Linz. Discussing will be: Persson Perry Baumgartinger, Vlatka Frketić and representatives of the Linz association "Das Kollektiv".

On November 18 at 3 pm, another film evening will take place as part of the FIFTITU% project Diva's Diwan. This time, the Kurdish film "My Sweet Pepper Land" will be shown at the Infobeisl in the Willy-Fred-Haus at Graben 3.

Music (CC): Aunty Panty, Psy'Aviah, V for Vagine and Nicky Click

Photo: Amina Lehner