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Auf der Lesebühne und im Radiostudio

Auf der Lesebühne und im Radiostudio

The current issue features a recording with the author Julya Rabinowich. As part of the #Fokus_Prosa event, she read passages from her novel "Dazwischen: Me" at the Landestheater Linz at the end of November.
Julya Rabinowich is a writer, columnist, painter and interpreter. She has been awarded numerous literary prizes, including the Rauris Literature Prize and the Oldenburg Youth Book Prize. This year, Rabinowich was awarded the Friedrich Gerstäcker Prize for her novel "Dazwischen: Me".

Marie Luise Lehner read from her novel "Im Blick" with her at the reading at the end of November. This recording can be heard in Jannersendung.

The 'Claim the Waves' - Feminist Radio Days took place from July 19-22, 2018. Around 100 women*, trans, inter and genderqueer people from independent radio stations in Switzerland, Austria and Germany came together to broadcast feminist waves. The content of the workshops and discussions between the broadcasters was to further develop the practice of feminist radio.

You can listen to interviews with Anouk, one of the organizers of Claim the Waves, as well as some of the participants and broadcasters from various independent radio stations - Erich, Gülnaz, Christine and Marlies.

5-2 Minutes - Feminist News
The magazine WIENERIN is awarding the "Golden Penis" for the fourth time this year. The top ten most sexist sayings of the year were awarded the Golden Penis, an anti-prize against everyday sexism.

The STANDARD conducted a large survey on the topic of menstruation. They wanted to know from their readers how they experience their everyday life around their period.

Australia is abolishing the so-called tampon tax after years of debate. Tampons were subject to the Goods and Services Tax in Australia, so the products fall into the category of "non-essential items". The products should be cheaper from January 2019.
In Austria, tampons and sanitary towels are still taxed as luxury items at 20 percent.

Music: La Petite Sonja, Pale&Coy, Palma