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52radiominuten - "Where is the Unwillingness ..."

52radiominuten - "Where is the Unwillingness ..."

The radio magazine from FIFTITU% - Networking Center for Women in Art and Culture in Upper Austria

"aufqueerln" we let it queer with the contributions "where is the unwillingness to five a Head" a discussion about feminism and porn and a feature on "radical cheerleading". In "divensplitter" there is a portrait of the winner of the Silver Witches' Broom: Elfriede Kiesewetter. And the "häferlguckerin" looks at the exhibition "Stille Heldinnen - 100 Jahre Linzer Frauengeschichte".

Krisi Hofer talks to Pamela Neuwirth about porn and feminism. Back in February, Kristina Hofer spoke about her dissertation project with the working title "Where is the Unwillingness to Give Head" at Salon Wiesengrund in Rothen Krebs. Kristina Hofer deals with couple porn sites and the questions relevant to film theory in the context of feminism. Hofer was born in Linz in 1979 and studied sociology in Linz. In 2004/05 she began studying Mandarin Chinese and Chinese martial arts at Beijing Sports University. in 2006-2008 she completed a Master of Arts in English Literature and Cultural Studies at the National Central University, Zhongli in Taiwan. Since 2008/09 Hofer has held teaching positions at the JKU and the University of Art and Industrial Design in Linz.
Current research focuses on sexualities in film, visual culture, archive and modernity, pornography

Portrait: The Silver Witches' Broom
Portrait of the winner of the "Silberne Hexenbesen am goldenen Band 2011", which is awarded annually by the Linz Women's Office: Elfriede Kiesewetter
Elfriede Kiesewetter is Head of the Health Promotion Department at the Upper Austrian Regional Health Insurance Fund and in-house representative for equal opportunities issues
Margit Greinöcker created a 16-minute film on behalf of the Linz Women's Office. You can hear an excerpt of the portrait in the program.

aufgequeerlt - Radical Cheerleading in Vienna
Cheerleading is usually attributed to American beauties, disciplined girls and young women. When women, men or transsexuals take to the streets with pompous, flashy wigs and costumes for political causes and protest by chanting like cheerleaders, they are radical cheerleaders. Fun and energy remain, but there are no gender restrictions, no dress code, no sporting competition to be cheered on. The forms of expression vary entirely according to the participants' own desires.100 years after the great women's demonstration on Vienna's Ringstrasse in March 1911, the radical cheers of Maiz and fiftitu% protested there. The women, who are involved in the Migrant Women's Center and the Networking Office for Women in Art and Culture, rehearsed their concerns in an action. They did this for the first time on 1 Am as part of the femOffensive 2010 campaign. And they have been doing it with great pleasure ever since.

the häferlguckerin - expression of indignation
Exhibition "Silent heroines - 100 years of women's history in Linz". 100 roses hanging upside down from the ceiling of the foyer in the Old Town Hall in Linz. Red, wine-red. Pink ones. Instead of the red carpet, there is a pink one on the floor where visitors can walk along 16 hanging exhibition posters.
The exhibition "Silent Heroines - 100 Years of Women's History in Linz" was on display in the Old Town Hall until March 18. The long, narrow posters showed insights into women's history. Historical photographs took visitors back to past eras of women in Linz and showed the achievements of the women's movement over the past 100 to 150 years.

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The radio magazine from FIFTITU% - Networking Center for Women in Art and Culture in Upper Austria. Always annoying, always difficult and never let up!

A program by Pamela Neuwirth and Silke Müller

In the show music by Ruth Theodore, Lali Puna, Joan Beaz & Mimi Farina and Chicks on Speed.

Repeat on Tuesday, 29.3.2011: 2 p.m.

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