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52 Radiominuten: Maltese drag artistry & Safe Abortion Day

52 Radiominuten: Maltese drag artistry & Safe Abortion Day


Trihanna Wildé is a Maltese drag queen known for her contributions to the performance world, her drag is much more than an art form, it's also a powerful platform for activism. We recently had the opportunity to speak with her about her journey.

In our interview, Trihanna delves into the exciting world of her performances, the challenges she has tackled in her career, her time on Malta's Got Talent, and what the diva envisions for her future.


squeezed up

On September 28 we mark The Day of Action for Access to Safe and Legal Abortion or International Safe Abortion Day. The day has its roots in Latin America and the Caribbean, where women's groups have been rallying for the past two decades. Their call: to urge their governments to decriminalize abortion, ensure safe and affordable abortion services, and put an end to the stigma and discrimination faced by women who opt for abortion.

The campaign continues to gain strength and dedication from women's rights advocates in the region and beyond.
The choice of September 28 as the date holds historical significance-it marks the day of the "free womb," commemorating the abolition of slavery in Brazil, and serving as a symbol for the demand of safe and legal abortion for all women.

28 September International Safe Abortion Day
International Planned Parenthood Federation European Network
Rally on International Safe Abortion Day in Vienna - September 28, 2023

November 15-18, 2023 - FRAU.MACHT.FILM at Moviemento Linz
November 29, 2023 - 50 years of the regulation of birth control in Austria

Lady Gaga
Screaming Females

Photo(c): Trihanna Wildé & Screenshot Campaign September 28