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52 Radiominuten: Lectures zum Gewaltschutz

52 Radiominuten: Lectures zum Gewaltschutz

In memory of Maria Schwarz-Schlöglmann, founder of the Upper Austrian Center for the Protection against Violence, the first Maria Schwarz-Schlöglmann Lecture on the Protection against Violence was launched in 2019. In November 2022, the 4th edition of this lecture on protection against violence took place at the Johannes Kepler University in Linz.
In today's program we broadcast the excerpts. You can hear City Councillor Eva Schobesberger with her welcoming speech as well as the head of the Upper Austrian Center for Protection against Violence Eva Schuh with an input.

4th Maria Schwarz-Schlöglmann Lecture on protection against violence on dorfTV

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Following are the excerpts from the second part of the podcast series The tip of the iceberg. Movement history against patriarchy and feminicide by two activists from the autonomous feminist network Claim the Space. This is dedicated to the institutional struggles of feminists and the achievements of feminist movements on the street.
We broadcast the excerpts on the topic of femicide and counting as a practice. You can hear Irmtraut Karlsson, co-founder of the 1st women's shelter in Vienna and Maria Rösslhumer from the Autonomous Austrian Women's Shelters.

We have used the excerpts and would like to thank the editors for this.

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Music: El Casette, Respect my Fist, She Said Destroy! and Jlin