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52 Radiominuten: Gabriela Gordillo - sound art as a collateral effect

52 Radiominuten: Gabriela Gordillo - sound art as a collateral effect

Gabriela Gordillo is a sound and visual artist. For Gordillo,sound is used as an extension of the senses connecting matter and mind, and thus part of a whole. She describes process of making "music" or "sound art" as a collateral effect of working with instruments, with a noisy or raw aesthetic bounded to their mechanisms. Her material varies from recordings, sampling, generative synthesis, electronics, the body and the act of listening, that blends in a personal imaginary.

Gabriela Gordillo held sound performance in July at the Haager Noisetage in Haag, Lower Austria. Soon after, we met in Linz, where we discussed her sound art practice, influences, female sound artists and her plans.


served and decorated

> Association Arcobaleno is existing already for 30 years. Anja Krohmer, content manager, and Birgit Prieglhofer, chairwoman of Arcobaleno, told us more about the organization and what is waiting for visitors at the celebration on 6th September | 16 Uhr | Friedhofstraße 6

Programme: 30 years of Arcobaleno - Celebration @ Association Encounter Arcobaleno

On 13th September 2019 Sorority, an independent network from Vienna, celebrates its 5th birthday in the framework of Feministival. The network creates analog and digital spaces for women* in order to empower and support each other.

"Oppressed, but not defeated!" - a quote from Silvia R. Cusicanqui, is marking 25 years of maiz. In Linz based association for and from migrant women*, is organizing a series of events in collaboration with association das Kollektiv.

Projects within maiz 25 years!

September 17 | 15:00 - 23:00 | Symposium and celebrations as part of WIENWOCHE - in Vienna (exact address to be announced)

September 22| Celebrations as part of WIENWOCHE - in Vienna (exact address and time to be announced)

12 October | 9:30 am - 10 pm | Knowledge Lab in Linz (exact address and program to be announced - see

Music: Gabriela Gordillo

Instructions to make time
The house (voice: Gabriela Gordillo and Onur Olgaç)
Desfase Set 2 (collaboration with Fernando Vigueras)
Desfase Set 1 (collaboration with Fernando Vigueras)

Photo (c): Florian Voggeneder