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52 Radiominuten: Female positions

52 Radiominuten: Female positions

According to a report by the United Nations Women, crises such as Covid-19 reinforce existing inequalities. This is why women* and girls* are particularly hard hit by the pandemic and its consequences.
Daniela Banglmayr, Susanne Baumann and Sandra Hochholzer wanted to explore these inequalities in the publication Female positions.

The editors were able to attract female authors from the fields of media, art, science and education for Female Positions. There is also a series of programs of the same name with audio portraits of the authors.

The book was published this year in June. We attended the reading at the makart association in the Volkshaus Kandlheim in Linz at the end of June.

As part of the book launch, actress and director Verena Koch and management consultant and supervisor Elisabeth Cepek Neuhauser read out their texts.

First, however, Verena Koch read excerpts from texts by the authors Claudia Wegener, Beate Hausbichler, Mari Lang and Anna Katharina Laggner.

More information about the book and the Female Positions series can be found on the website: and

In the photo: Verena Koch and Elisabeth Cepek Neuhauser

Music (CC):
4PROPRI8, Mika Risiko and Jizzbomb