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52 Radiominuten: Art, Activism & Ženergija with Zoe Gudović

52 Radiominuten: Art, Activism & Ženergija with Zoe Gudović


Zoe Gudović is an artist, feminist, activist, cultural manager, producer, and organizer. Originally from Belgrade, she now resides in Vienna. Zoe's commitment to merging art and activism to reshape social dynamics is inspiring.

Being part of collectives like Women at Work, Act Women, and Queer Belgrade has deeply influenced her activism, emphasizing community building.

Zoe's activism is also reflected in her long-standing radio show Ženergija, where she documents the stories of her interview partners. For over 20 years, she's been producing this show, amplifying the voices of women, queers, artists, and activists.

In addition to her radio work, Zoe has recently published a book titled "Personal Lexicon: Lesbian Artists of the Post-Yugoslavian Space ± Generation X".
In the current radio show, we will delve deeper into the mentioned publication, Zoe´s artworks, activism, and Ženergija.

HÖRTIPP: Mika Maruyama, Multiple Spirits & VBKÖ and Petz Haselmayer, Decolonizing in Vienna


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Musik (C): Punčke, Boye, ŽEN and Bikini Kill