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A program as part of the Linz Festival 2002

Video installations | sound installations | concert | reading and video film | exhibition

Joanna Hoffmann / Poland

FIFTITU% - the networking center for women in art and culture together with MAIZ - the autonomous integration center by & for migrant women highlights the presence of women and minorities in the arts and cultural sector

For FIFTITU% it is very important that the aspect of "art by women" comes to the fore at this year's Linz Festival. Under the project title "xx-change", we have invited female video artists from Poland and Slovenia to show their work. There are no longer any differences between Eastern and Western Europe, especially when it comes to the quality of video art. Here, the "eastward expansion" has already taken place, but not through the uncritical adoption of the art criteria of the West by the East, but through an exchange of content and technology and thus through a joint development of this field of art. However, the acceptance of feminist content is not yet a matter of course here or there.

In the second part of "xx-change", MAIZ intends to provide suggestions from the perspective of members of ethnic minorities in Austria on the subject of East - West encounters.
  • How does the cultural encounter between women emigrating from the Eastern countries and the majority Austrians take place?
  • What opportunities for recognition and participation exist for women from the East who create culture and live in Austria?
  • Under what framework conditions do they produce?

Music and literature from the Roma and Sinti ethnic groups form the focus of the presentations in the MAIZ program for Linz Fest 2002. Language(s) and oral tradition also come to the fore in the form of artistically designed sound installations.