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Das Grils Rock Camp 2015 - Linz ist zu Ende

Das Grils Rock Camp 2015 - Linz ist zu Ende

The GIRLS ROCK CAMP is over.

Seventeen participants, six of whom did NOT play a musical instrument before the camp, came from Vienna, Lower Austria and Upper Austria and formed 4 BANDs with stunning names: "La Sabotage", "Fox Fatal", "Grandma's Three Words", "Page 13"

Video of the final evening NOW ONLINE - Design DORF-TV

Fotoalbum auf Facebook

DORFTV - broadcast - created at the camp by the participants

Radio FRO - special report on GirlsRockCamp with interviews with the participants

Thegap also visited the GirlsRockCamp - read about it here

The solidarity and the women*power were amazing and we saw many smiling faces and many tears of joy that evening

In 2015, the pink noise Girls Rock Camp entered its fifth and sixth round with two camps - one in Hollabrunn (July 12-18) and one in Linz (August 23-29).

On August 29, the crowning finale took place in Linz with concerts by the bands that the participants had founded over the course of the week and was open to ALL GENDER, parents, activists, friends, colleagues and sponsors (the City of Linz's women's representative - Eva Schobesberger stopped by briefly in the afternoon and attended the sound check)

Ms. Zavec and Ms. Winter cranked the virtual turntables (in November still DJ apprentices at the DJ WS with DJ Ipek now 3 hours each of the finest program)

At 8 pm it was the turn of the main performers with the concerts of the 4 Girls Rock Camp bands. You have to let the names melt in your mouth: La Sabotage, Fox Fatal, Grandma's Three Words and Page 13.

A lot was bought that evening - there were patches, T-shirts, bags, ...

and the after-show party, which lasted until 1 a.m., took place partly outside due to the mild summer night temperatures.

Photo: Petra Moser


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