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Ausstellung „Verborgene Frauen" zum Verleih

Ausstellung „Verborgene Frauen" zum Verleih

FIFTITU% offers the "Hidden Women" exhibition for hire:

The "Hidden Women" project presents female artists from literature, music and the visual arts who have worked or are still working under a male pseudonym.

The reasons for female artists to use a male pseudonym are as varied as they are complex: in earlier times, denying one's own female identity with the help of a male pseudonym was often the only way to present one's own work to the public and thus gain recognition negative criticism.

However, this method has also been used more recently to avoid the attribution of the entire artistic production to a specific work, or simply to obtain better chances in tenders or better conditions for fee negotiations

The exhibition has already been shown in Linz (Altes Rathaus) as well as in Wels and Ried im Innkreis and is particularly suitable for events planned at short notice in the context of International Women's Day (March 8, 2007).

For further information, please see the enclosed documentation.

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