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So nicht! Land liefert Förderskandal beim KUPF Innovationstopf 2010!

So nicht! Land liefert Förderskandal beim KUPF Innovationstopf 2010!

Press release from July 28, 2010


We will not put up with this and have now launched a petition for fair and transparent allocation of funding in Kulturland Oberösterreich! Help and get active! Please sign and forward the petition! (Petition - KUPF)

For the first time, two projects were not funded as part of the 15th innovation pot of the KUPF - Kulturplattform OÖ:

  • 2 projects that were recommended for funding by an independent jury of experts!
  • 2 projects that focus on the city guard (now public order service) of the city of Linz!

What's going on here?

Is it really the lack of artistic, cultural content that is the reason, as the Provincial Directorate of Culture claims? Or is it perhaps about making political cultural work that critically engages with political prestige projects impossible?

Get active - sign the petition!

We therefore call on you to become active and stand up for fair and transparent funding allocation in Kulturland Oberösterreich and sign the petition!

We demand:

  • The retraction of the rejection of funding by the state cultural directorate!
  • An end to party-political influence on artistic/cultural content!
  • Radical transparency in the awarding of funding!

Ending the fun!

It seems a little presumptuous for officials at the State Directorate of Culture to find a lack of artistic and cultural content. Especially in view of the fact that a jury of experts, made up of people who are actively involved in the arts and culture field, has deemed these projects eligible for funding. What increases the degree of presumptuousness is that the rejection is only justified by a lack of artistic and cultural content, but no other justification is given. This demonstrates a lack of transparency and fairness that was previously not expected from the State Directorate of Culture.

The second possible reason for the rejection is certainly even more controversial. It may well be a coincidence that the two projects dealing with the city watch have been rejected, but who wants to believe in coincidences? Above all, the chronological sequence between the jury, political action on the part of the FPÖ and the rejection makes the belief in coincidence look pretty old. However, if it is the case that a party does not want to have its prestigious project spoiled and is supported by another party in order to do so, by curbing independent artists and cultural workers, then we must speak of a scandal!

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