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"Where is OLGA'S HOME?"

"Where is OLGA'S HOME?"

Press release June 6, 2003

The poster and postcard campaign of the same name during the Linz Festival 2003

"Where is OLGA'S HOME?"

The association FIFTITU% - Networking Center for Women in Art & Culture in Upper Austria draws attention to the imbalance in the presence of female artists (10%) and male artists (90%) in the collection of the Kunstmuseum Lentos with a poster and card campaign (idea: Gerlinde Schmierer, student at the University of Art and Design Linz) during the Linz Festival

Women artists and cultural workers in Linz have been criticizing this fact for years without success.

The speeches of praise on the occasion of the opening of the Lentos cannot hide the fact that it should be a matter of course for an open-minded city, which has the ambition to become the Capital of Culture 2009, to pursue an equal exhibition policy in its museums.

We hereby call on the City of Linz and those responsible for the Lentos Art Museum to do justice to the proportion of female art production in future.

Association FIFTITU%
Herta Gurtner